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Tailored Chiropractic Solutions for Peak Performance & Wellness

Services We Provide:


Manipulation, or adjustment of the affected joint and tissues, restores mobility, thereby alleviating pain and muscle tightness, and allowing tissues to heal.


ART is a patented, state of the art soft tissuesystem/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. 


The interaction with tissue at the cellular level increases metabolic activity. Beneficial effects that follows includes increased cellular function and tissue repair.


The Marc Pro stands as an advanced electrical muscle stimulation device (EMS device), meticulously crafted to elevate your performance, expedite muscle recovery.


ARPneuro Therapy brings about a reduction in chronic pain, an enhancement of range of motion, a hastening of recovery time, and an overall improvement .


A movement-based diagnostic system which finds the cause of pain by breaking down dysfunctional movement patterns in a structured, repeatable assessment.


An evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively address scar tissue and fascial restrictions


Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization used to develop a concept that includes treatment of the kinetic chain while utilizing various forms of rehabilitation.


Used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, kinesiology tape is used by practitioners to treat injuries and improve sports performance.


An extension of traditional elements of physical therapy, to return to highly complex movement patterns that are involved in athletics and daily life.


A manual and rehabilitative approach to optimize the movement system based upon the scientific principles of developmental kinesiology.


Functional Range Conditioning® is a comprehensive joint training system that works to maximize their movement potential, and improve the function of your nervous system


This service concerns expecting and postpartum moms taking charge of their bodies and their decisions, and supporting one another’s journeys—together and apart.

Peak Performance

Our team of experienced chiropractors is dedicated to optimizing your body’s biomechanics, enhancing mobility, and improving overall performance. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, our personalized treatment plans are designed to help you reach your goals and stay at the top of your game.

Feeback From Our Clients

Hannah Nadeau
Hannah Nadeau
Dr. Vincent is very professional and friendly. He explains why he’s doing something and also encourages your input/preference on technique. This chiropractor is unlike any I’ve been to, being that the patient and Doctor collaborate and partner in the care process.
Trish Rodriguez
Trish Rodriguez
I’m so happy with Dr. Vincent! I had a sore shoulder and he had me feeling better after my first visit. After my 3rd visit my pain had resided. He really took his time listening to my needs and focused on the areas that needed it. Was not just a typical adjustment that I’ve experienced from other chiropractors in the past. I will be back fir treatment in the future and highly recommend him.
Cristian Garcia-Escalante
Cristian Garcia-Escalante
I saw Dr. Caballero and he was great. He talked through the area that I was having an issue with, and worked on that area, and gave me stretches to do to help hopefully improve my right leg. I’ve been to other places, and their goal is to get you out asap to fill it for the next patient, that’s not how it felt here. You can tell he cares, and is willing to answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend him!
Gia Scozzari
Gia Scozzari
Can’t say enough good things about Performance and Wellness Chiro! I was in town for the week and needed an urgent adjustment as a new patient. I called at 7:45am (before the office opens) hoping to get on the schedule and Dr. Caballero was able to get me in right away. He was thorough, knowledgeable and attentive. The front desk staff was also so nice and helpful. Highly recommend!!
Andrea Rosen
Andrea Rosen
Exceptional office! Matt is excellent and truly guided. He is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at his profession. I highly recommend! 5 Stars
Agapito Arvizu
Agapito Arvizu
Team is super friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend giving them a try.
Laura Molner
Laura Molner
This review is well overdue, but also beyond well deserved. A few months ago I was having hip pain that interfered with exercise and progressed to hurting with normal daily activities such as basic walking and climbing stairs. On the hunt to figure out the source of pain another doctor advised that based on the imaging and presentation the solution was multiple hip surgeries with a rehab of 6-12 months (yuck!). Dr. Matt challenged that recommendation and after 2 months of adjustments and physical therapy with him and Kelsey I am grateful to say that my hip pain is completely gone. I am back to full activity (gym, running, snowboarding, you name it!) without limitations and continuing the journey to strengthen and increase mobility with my hip. I cannot thank Dr. Matt and Kelsey enough for effectively solving and healing this pain. Their support and compassionate care was absolutely incredible through this process. Thank you to the entire Performance and Wellness team for being the BEST!
Highly recommend visiting Dr. Matt and his staff. I am an endurance runner and Matt has been critical in keeping me in peak shape to complete a variety of distance runs, and even the occasional lower back tweaks from picking up my kids! He is extremely knowledgeable and provides great exercises and movements to compliment the in-office work.
First time visit, feel well taken care of by Dr. Matt and his team. Will be going back for continuing treatment, but already have confidence that they really know the body - and are putting me back on the right track. It's a wonderful feeling to have such confidence in a provider!
Tobi D'Andrea
Tobi D'Andrea
Dr. Matt DiLallo is simply a magician. The difference he made in just my first session was far beyond my expectations — which were admittedly quite high based on the referral. Not only is he a master of his trade, but he is a kind, compassionate person who listens carefully and understands the mindset of an hyper-active person (me). I never expected to feel as good as I do after such a short period of time. The exercises he prescribes are perfect! They provide natural extensions to the work he does and are clearly designed to strengthen weaknesses that lead to injury in the first place. Bottom line, amazing!
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